Victims of vicarious violence demand the restitution of their children

Victims of vicarious violence demand the restitution of their children

The National Front against Vicarious Violence (FNCVV), a benchmark in this fight, has managed to get Zacatecas, the State of Mexico and Hidalgo to establish a criminal type and sanctions.

At the federal level, recognition of vicarious violence is also sought as the cruelest expression of gender violence, with which the aggressor seeks to harm women through their children.

In the case of Mónica Peyro, a Durango judge linked her to the process in March of this year after she reported sexual abuse against her four and five-year-old daughters while they were in the custody of her ex-husband.

Mónica filed the formal complaint with the Durango prosecutor’s office in April 2020 and presented an opinion detailing that the minors presented “signs compatible with long-standing penetration.” Four months later, after more medical studies, she went to confirm her complaint.

By November 2020, the legal doctor of the Durango prosecutor’s office, Wendy López Marrufo, who signed the first opinion, changed her version and stated that the injuries in one of the girls could be due to “other pathologies”, such as constipation or the use of suppositories, because in addition “it did not express a situation of abuse”, according to Monica’s complaints.

In March of this year, she, her brother and her father were notified of a criminal complaint for “domestic violence” for having spread the case of abuse against girls on social networks.

The judge determined that with these acts “psychological violence” was exercised against the accused, and in April Mónica and her brother were linked to the process and ordered to stop posting on their social networks.

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