They denounce that Armada builds on municipal land

They denounce that Armada builds on municipal land

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The Mayor’s Office denounced that the Bolivian Navy failed to comply with a court ruling and began work on the land surrounding the La Paz Bus Terminal. The entity alleges that this property is “legally” owned by the municipal government.

The interdepartmental transportation leadership warned against taking action so that the military institution returns the land to the La Paz commune.

“They are building garages for the minibuses because the Naval Educational Unit is next door. They are moving land, despite the fact that the agreement was that neither we nor they could do anything until we fix it, until the court ruling is fulfilled,” claimed the mayor of La Paz, Iván Arias.

This attitude “is an outrage,” added the mayor, referring to the works that are carried out within this land and that is municipal property, according to a 2013 court ruling.

The legal director of the La Paz commune, José Antonio Gonzales, said that the municipal property is located next to the La Paz Terrestrial Terminal and has an area of ​​7,000 square meters. “Nine years ago, in 2013, a court ruling came out stating that the Bolivian Navy does not have any property rights and that the owner of the land is the Mayor’s Office of La Paz,” he said.

The dispute over the properties dates back to 2007 and with the court ruling, the La Paz commune tried in February 2021 to take possession of them, but with soldiers, the Navy resisted. “We have exhausted all legal issues, we have sought dialogue, but the only thing we have achieved is running into a wall and non-compliance with the law and regulations,” he added.

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