They denounce pregnant woman killed in Guaricanos, she was an assailant

They denounce pregnant woman killed in Guaricanos, she was an assailant

The mother of Adee Katherine Paulino, who was killed this Monday during a assault in it Los Multis neighborhood from The Guaricanssays she feels ashamed at the complaint that her daughter supposedly belonged to a criminal gang.

Jeuri Antonio Belén, who has been detained since Wednesday night for the incident, was the one who stated that Adee was an accomplice in the case, for which reason the police authorities will thoroughly investigate the situation.

Broken, the mother of the deceased, asked the authorities of the National Police to investigate the case and that if it were true that her daughter was guilty, she already forgave her, but if not, that her name be cleared before the cameras.

Between tears, Juana Paulino said that she has “no courage” or to go to the cemetery because of the shame she feels before the statements of the young Belén that involve her daughter.

Despite Juana not knowing what her daughter did, those close to Adee demand justice for her death during her wake in The Guaricans.

“I am not a supportive mother, here the neighborhood knows me, I feel dejected, I lost a daughter, I lost a granddaughter. With those statements my world collapsed. I can’t help but raise my head, I feel ashamed, ”said Juana during the wake for her daughter and granddaughter.

Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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