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A fourth person is accused of seizing more than 400 kilos of cocaine

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A fourth person is accused of seizing more than 400 kilos of cocaine

The Justice accused a fourth person linked to the shipment of 443 kilos of cocaine that was seized by the Police in Salto at dawn last Saturday.

The person processed in the last hours had been injured in the operation to intercept the plane and was admitted to a hospital. He was indicted for a crime of illicit drug trafficking, in the import and transportation modality, as well as an aeronautical crime, for clandestine entry into Uruguayan airspace.

He must serve preventive detention until June 2023.

At dawn on Saturday, a small plane carrying a drug shipment was intercepted in Salto. The police operation took place near the Termas del Arapey and ended up with four accused persons: two Bolivians and two Uruguayans.

The hypothesis is that the 443 kilos of cocaine “probably had no destination in the domestic market,” but rather, “due to the volume,” outside the country, Interior Minister Luis Alberto Heber explained at a press conference. In Europe the value of the substance seized is US$ 4.5 million.

Besides cocaine, Five vehicles were seized: an aircraft, two cars, a truck and a motorcycle. As well as around US$60,000, four bags of plant substance, 27 pills and eight pieces of ecstasy, GPS, satellite phones and Handy equipment.

On the other hand, the authorities are investigating whether the Uruguayan drug trafficker Sebastián Marset had any participation in the shipment of cocaine.

According to Hebermembers charged after the operation had “antecedents of links with Mr. Marset in the past.” “We don’t know if they currently maintain it,” he said and said that this is part of the prosecutor’s investigation.

In any case, he said that they do not rule it out. “Now we are studying whether this link existed in this operation,” He declared this Monday at a press conference.

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