They demand that Ortega cease the "harassment" against the independent press in Nicaragua

They demand that Ortega cease the “harassment” against the independent press in Nicaragua

The Americas Program of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) demands that the Daniel Ortega regime “immediately release” imprisoned journalists and cease the “harassment” against the media outlet La Prensa.

“The Nicaraguan government has shown once again that it has no respect for the work that journalists do in the country and simply wants to continue harassing and censoring the media. Authorities must immediately release the hosts of La Prensa, stop raiding journalists’ homes and allow the media to work freely,” said CPJ Latin America and the Caribbean program coordinator Natalie Southwick.

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Through the report published by the international organization, they denounce that “CPJ has documented the Nicaraguan government’s attacks against La Prensa, including the seizure of the outlet’s ink and paper in 2019, a police raid, and the occupation of its newsroom. in 2021, and the conviction of the newspaper’s editor, Juan Lorenzo Holmann, on money laundering charges, this year.”

In Nicaragua, journalists and the media are exposed to threats, prison, exile, closure of radio and television channels, according to the Report on Violations of Press Freedom for the month of June 2022, from the regional network Voces del South.

The document details a total of 67 cases; 64 perpetrated against the media (95.5%), and 3 against natural persons (4.5%). The total of violations of freedom of the press occurred against 8 victims: 2 natural persons, 6 media outlets).

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For human rights organizations, the situation of the independent press in Nicaragua is “serious” and they urged the Ortega-Murillo regime to “please stop what they started more than a decade ago, which was the rounding up of the media, but also aggressions, which at this time are translated into crimes committed against men and women of the press ».

“The labor rights and human rights of journalists are being violated due to the commitment of the critical press in the country to continue reporting. We are really worried,” the organization Nicaraguan Independent Journalists and Communicators (PCIN) recently said.

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