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They demand an end to the economic blockade of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

They demand an end to the economic blockade of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

The president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, demanded this Saturday to build a global peace and as a first step she proposed ending the economic blockades against Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

In his speech at the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit, which is being held in Santo Domingo, Castro warned that “today’s world is being strongly shaken by the inevitable shift from unipolarity to multipolarity.”

He affirmed that “the scourge of colonialism is still in force in our latitudes when the will of countries with an imperialist vocation impose their model of privatizing, extracting and exploiting our limited natural resources without limits.”

“We cannot ignore the shameful role of the powers that be and their permanent threat of managing absurd sanctions if we do not abide by their recipes, because then blockades and coups are planned,” Castro denounced.

He reiterated that “it is time to demand an end to the blockades against Latin America, such as Venezuela and Nicaragua, and some against humanity such as the application against the people of Cuba, which has lasted for more than six decades and without a positive result, not even for those who they apply it”.

“We demand that the globalized world stop the merciless exploitation of our natural resources in the name of free trade and a false liberal democracy,” he added.

Castro considered that as long as the recipes and proposals of leftist governments like his are not respected, they cannot aspire to be developed countries with well-being.

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