They deliver 160,000 supplies and equipment for electrical service attention

They deliver 160,000 supplies and equipment for electrical service attention

A total of 160,000 supplies and equipment were delivered for the attention of 6,091 requests through the 1×10 of Good Government, in terms of electrical service, reported the Sector Vice President of Public Works and Services, G/J Nestor Reverolwho stressed that this action will benefit 188 thousand families in the country.

From the headquarters of the Ministry of Popular Power for Electric Energy (Mppee), in Caracas, the also holder of this portfolio indicated that this is the fifth delivery that has been made this year.

He stated that among the supplies manufactured by Corpoelec Industrial, there are 40,000 lights, 2,000 transformers, 100,000 light bulbs, 16,800 fuses and 1,200 fuse holders, which will be distributed throughout the national territory.

“These power equipment, which are being delivered today, show that with will and initiative we are advancing towards the construction of a stable electrical system,” said Reverol.

75% of 1×10 reports attended

During his statements, the Minister for Electric Power reported that to date public servants have responded to 75% of the reports of the 1×10 of Good Government.

“This is a new way of governing (…) because there is a rapprochement between the workforce and the People’s Power, both do the planning and meet the needs of the communities. This is how we guarantee the stability, reliability and security of the National Electric System”, he stressed.

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