OSE filed a complaint against the union: FFOSE says that it threatens union freedom

Photo of the June 13 demonstration in front of the OSE headquarters.
Photo of the June 13 demonstration in front of the OSE headquarters.

State Sanitary Works (SBI) has filed a complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office against the Federation of Officials of OSE (ffose) for the use of smoke bombs at the headquarters of the state-owned company and for other conduct during the opening of the envelopes for the Neptuno project tender on June 13.

This decision has been made with the aim of investigating the facts, determining the possible existence of criminal conduct and establishing the corresponding responsibilities.

The OSE board of directors, headed by President Raúl Montero and Vice President Susana Montaner, made the decision to initiate an administrative investigation and file the corresponding complaint, despite not having the support of the Broad Front (FA) representative on the board. , Edgardo Ortuno. Montaner mentioned that the use of smoke bombs by the union and other disturbances caused by the workers were the reasons that prompted this action.

FFOSE denies using smoke bombs

The president of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pouhad also advanced the presentation of the complaint before the Prosecutor’s Office, mentioning the existence of a recording and an alleged confession by the person responsible for the facts. During a press conference in Durazno on July 10, the president said: “We will see if he can be accused of a crime or not.”

In a television interview last week, the president of FFOSE, Federico Kreimerman, said that what was used were “smoke generators” in the aforementioned mobilization against the Neptuno project, which would privatize the generation of drinking water for the population. In the complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office, OSE says that it decided to “bring to the attention of the Prosecutor General’s Office the facts and statements asserted, so that they can be investigated, the possible existence of criminal conduct determined, and the corresponding responsibilities established.” ”.

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