Cuba for 'influencers'

Cuba for ‘influencers’

and trip on a catamaran

those who go will enjoy

to look for fine sand

and that rumba that ends

on a remote beach,

on a trip in almendrón…

today that that Revolution

It’s an idiot’s dream.

first class seat

-well, in business class-

–a gift, a phrase–

open the first phase

which initiates the recruitment

of “talented youth”

who want to enjoy

the beach, the revelry, the wind.

they have gone to eat lobster

What is fished on that coast?

–and that the Cuban people

consumption is prohibited.

Seven days at the most.

they have a good binge,

today that that Revolution

It’s dust, it’s shrapnel, it’s smoke.

a tour operator

–and a talent agency

that announces to the four winds

that the time has finally come

to travel towards the dawn

or twilight (it doesn’t matter)–,

has offered the General

tourists who have to cheer

“How beautiful is Cuba, how beautiful”

they say with great emotion

On that terrifying island.

Would you have seen such a thing:

such an embarrassment

but he loves tourism.

Pioneers: Communism

deceives, kills, alienates.

A luxury breakfast

with eggs, fruit and coffee,

–who celebrate, openly,

as prey to his spell

and his bloody myth–

seek to cover Calvary

of Cuba in communism,

to cheer up tourism

to proletarian tourism!

A trip on a river

–that it is a bloody river,

by state orders

with that smell of dew,

ya new cuban trova

the morning improves

to irresponsible tourism.

And Cuba is never a cable


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