They create new support structures for Leonel in Santiago Rodríguez and Mao

SANTO DOMINGO.– The president of the Unity, Renovation and Order Movement (Wall), Víctor Pavón, made a tour of several provinces of the country over the weekend with the aim of creating and reorganizing the different structures of the Wall at the national level.

Pavón began his tour of the Santiago Rodríguez province, where he formed the provincial leadership that will be in charge of directing the strengthening and growth of the political institution, in order to support the presidential candidacy of Leonel Fernández.

The board is made up of Simón Bello, president, María Altagracia Martínez, general secretary, Rosalía Alcántara, secretary for Women, Marco Villaman, electoral secretary, and Andrés Terrero, secretary of Organization.

The secretary general of the Wall in New York, Expedito Gómez, who is a native of that province, was present at the activity.

Pavón also swore in the leadership of the Wall in Mao, Valverde, in which the former senator of that province, Manuel Guichardo, participated.

The president and leader of the Wall said that with its new structures, the entity he presides over will continue to be the main political and community movement with the greatest presence throughout the national geography.

“We as a movement have been demonstrating in each electoral process that we are the organization with the greatest prestige and strength and that it has an active and permanent militancy,” he stressed.

He announced that his organization has decided to support the presidential aspirations of Leonel Fernández and the People’s Force, considering that he is “the only presidential candidate who is capable of facing the crisis that the Dominican Republic is experiencing and succeeding.”

The Wall has been an ally of Leonel Fernández on several occasions and has held important political swearing-in sessions at the national level

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