They clear up doubt if Silvestre keeps his eyes closed or if they hit him to play Leandro Díaz

They clear up doubt if Silvestre keeps his eyes closed or if they hit him to play Leandro Díaz

Silvestre Dangond in his role as Leandro Díaz.

The vallenato singer has impressed locals and strangers with his great acting vocation.

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Leandro Diaz, ‘The Poet of the Eyes of the Soul'”, is the bionovela of the vallenato minstrel that is causing a sensation in the Colombian television audience.

At this time, the production of the RCN channel marks a 7.40 rating, a good score with which it is located in the fourth box of the preferences on national TV. It was only surpassed on the night of September 22 by ‘La Voz Senior’, ‘Noticias Caracol’, and ‘Senate Newscast’.

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The story narrates the life of the Vallenato composer and singer who created masterpieces such as “Matilda Lina” Y “The Crowned Goddess”; a man who, despite his visual disability, composed lyrics to love and the landscape of the savannah.

The person in charge of representing Leandro is the vallenato singer Silvestre Dangond, his first great acting challenge on Colombian television. Silvestre has exceeded the expectations of his fans due to his great acting vocation as he is not a person dedicated to this profession. His talent and his vocal ability help him a lot so that his character takes the form that the producers and directors of the channel wanted with him.

One of those great challenges for the 42-year-old urumitero is to play the role of a visually impaired person like the great Leandro, one of the most important minstrels in the history of vallenato.

Silvestre has done so well, that many wonder if there is any trick in the production so that he achieves an almost perfect performance.

From the channel, they have revealed that there is no camera trick and much less the vallenato singer uses some glue to not open his eyes.

“Everything is natural,” they said from the production company.

And it is that Silvestre received acting classes before going out to the ring with his first leading role.

“I know I don’t know how to act, I’ve never acted but I’m going to do everything on my part to make it a novel that reaches people’s hearts,” said the actor at the time.

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