The constituent agreement is channeled: Government will participate in the talks while two meetings are expected for next week

Starting at 10:00 a.m., the various political parties with parliamentary representation resumed talks to channel the second stage of the constituent process in Congress. In the instance, they took advantage of delivering their proposals to the leaders of Parliament.

It should be remembered that the meetings were on pause after the annoyance presented by Chile. We are going after the role of the Government, which they have accused of wanting to “regulate” the talks. As a result of this, the Segpres minister, Ana Lya Uriarte, decided not to participate in the meeting to “decompress” the spirits.

After the meeting, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Raúl Soto, maintained that they met “to formally receive the proposals from each political sector that are already public knowledge and are on the table.”

In addition, he reported that next Thursday, September 29 and Friday, September 30, they will hold a new meeting “so that each party can bring its counterproposals” to the National Congress in Santiago.

“From now until next week we are going to promote the meeting of different bilaterals between all the political forces, and hopefully by blocs as well, because each coalition must order its proposals, in such a way that we arrive on Thursday and Friday with the closest possible approach. “, he pointed.

On the other hand, he pointed out that everyone thinks that for the “success of this constituent process, democratic participation is required on the one hand to have social legitimacy, and on the other hand, technical rigor to guarantee the country a legally and politically sound work Under that principle we are going to put all the alternatives that have been proposed on the table and we are going to discuss each one of the details”.

The president of the Senate, Álvaro Elizalde, indicated that they will not report on the details of the agreement until it is finalized. This, so that the conversations do not fall again.

“We are going to announce an eventual agreement when the agreement is reached and that agreement, therefore, must be complete, because in fact the last meeting made progress in certain areas, but since many others are not resolved, that generated a certain internal reaction in some parties. who attended those understandings,” he emphasized.

What “was raised during the meeting, is that we are going to announce the agreement when it is complete, full and, therefore, that it even considers all the details,” he added.

Regarding the role of the Executive, he announced that “it was formally agreed at today’s meeting to invite the Government to join the next meetings.”

“The role played by the Minister Secretary General of the Presidency, Ana Lya Uriarte, was particularly valued, therefore, she is summoned to the meeting that we are going to have next Thursday,” he advanced.

Elizalde concluded by noting that they called on the different conglomerates to “order their positions because that facilitates dialogue, because when there are so many dissimilar voices it is difficult to advance in understanding, so we called on the conglomerates to reorder their positions, and also We made an explicit call to take care of the language to act responsibly”.

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