Bolsonaro will appoint anti-abortion ministers to the STF, if re-elected

The candidate for re-election by the PL Jair Bolsonaro said today (23) that, if re-elected, he will choose ministers for the Federal Supreme Court (STF) who are against the legalization of abortion. “We are not going to discuss abortion in Brazil. And don’t forget that whoever is elected president this year nominates two ministers to occupy the Federal Supreme Court next year. In being re-elected, these two who go there will never be in favor of abortion either”, he said, at a rally in Divinópolis (MG).Bolsonaro will appoint anti-abortion ministers to the STF, if re-electedBolsonaro will appoint anti-abortion ministers to the STF, if re-elected

In 2023, two vacancies will be opened in the STF with the retirement of justices Ricardo Lewandowski and Rosa Weber. It is the prerogative of the President of the Republic to indicate the new names. During his government, Bolsonaro appointed two ministers, Kassio Nunes Marques and André Mendonça.

There is, in the STF, a lawsuit that asks for the decriminalization of abortion. She is stopped under the rapporteur of the minister Rosa Weber, current president of the Court. In Brazil, abortion is allowed in three situations: in case of rape, when the mother’s life is at risk, and if the fetus has anencephaly.

Before the rally, Bolsonaro took a motorcycle ride through the streets of Divinópolis and greeted supporters. In the afternoon and at night he continues in Minas Gerais and works in Belo Horizonte and Contagem.

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