They capture a man who shot near an event of Senator Esperanza Andrade

They capture a man who shot near an event of Senator Esperanza Andrade

Senator Esperanza Andrade, the representative to the Chamber for Huila, Felipe Lozada and the departmental deputy Sandra Hernández, presided over a meeting with 200 leaders of the municipality of Palestina, Huila, when they had to suspend their political activities listening several shots close to the meeting place.

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Deputy Sandra Hernández said that the security schemes were activated and that there are no extraordinary developments.

“It was only the alarms for the shots that they felt at the time. Fortunately, the Army was around and thanks to your reaction They captured some men who were traveling in a high-end white vehicle, and I think they are in the process of investigating Who is responsible and why did they do it? at the meeting,” said Hernandez.

Apparently, the shots fired by the occupants of the vehicle, they were in order to generate fear and anxiety in the meeting with the congressmen. Through social networks, Congressman Felipe Lozada spoke.

“In Palestine some criminals they shoot firearms to scare the attendees in our meeting, They mistakenly believe that we are going to stop, they mistakenly believe that they are going to intimidate us; we advance”wrote via Twitter

Authorities are trying to determine what was the purpose of firing shots into the air, close to the meeting.


This event occurred in the department of Huila, joins the attack suffered by the Governor of Caquetá, Arnulfo Gasca Trujillo, in the rural area of ​​La Montañita, where Two soldiers died and five more were injured. and they are under guarded prognosis at the Medilaser clinic in Florence.

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These are the injured policemen:

  • Captain Juan Sebastián Prado: Stunned in the right ear.
  • Patrolman Miguel Ángel Ochoa García: Stunned by the explosive wave.
  • Patrolman Oscar Iván Jiménez Ramírez, critical state.
  • Patrolman Leonardo Cante Salinas, received minimal shards on the hold and face chart.
  • – The identity and state of health of the fifth wounded uniformed officer are not yet known.

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