They assure that the drought will not prevent supplying the domestic wheat market

They assure that the drought will not prevent supplying the domestic wheat market

The drought affected the volumes of the wheat harvest, although they rule out that there are shortages for the domestic market and for export.

The Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Juan José Bahillo, stated this Tuesday his concern about the effects of the drought on the wheat harvest, although he estimated that there will be no problems to supply the domestic market.

“There is concern, we have been following the issue closely, but we do not see a horizon of missingwith which the volumes will be sufficient for both the domestic and foreign markets,” said Bahillo this morning in statements to Radio Universidad de Entre Ríos.

The official clarified that the advance of the drought is “the product of a third consecutive year of the La Niña (climatic) phenomenon,” and announced that the wheat harvest “It will go from 22 million tons last year to an estimate of 16.5 million tons.”

“We are going to have to work together with the milling industry to manage the needs of each one of the sectors, so that grain processing meets both issues, that is, domestic supply and exports,” stressed.

On the other hand, Bahillo assured that “there is no decision of a sharp devaluation, that in this context that would generate more problems in the most vulnerable and lower-income sectors of society”

“This daily devaluation, which accompanies the rhythm of inflation, is what must be done so as not to lose competitiveness,” he stressed.

Regarding the eventual implementation of a differentiated dollar for some sectors of production, he explained that “not applicable for regional economies.”

“You have to rule out a dollar in the style of the soybean industry. We must sharpen our ingenuity and look for other types of measures,” concluded Bahillo.

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