Mayor of Maracay asks to wait for the clearing of roads in El Castaño to mobilize

Mayor of Maracay asks to wait for the clearing of roads in El Castaño to mobilize

In the affected area of ​​El Castaño, special crews were working to connect the electricity. The mayor of Maracay, Rafael Morales, stressed that the Corozal dam is in good condition. For his part, andThe head of Ceofan, G/J Domingo Hernández Lárez, reported that 2,500 soldiers with machinery would be sent to help in the affected area

The mayor of the Girardot municipality of Aragua state, Rafael Morales, indicated that they are working with heavy machinery to clear the affected roads after the overflow of the river in the El Castaño area. He reiterated that the teams work by land and air to rescue people.

He called for calm to the public and avoid reaching the area to find out about the health of their relatives. He stated, this Tuesday, October 18, that they hope to have an updated list of deceased and missing in the next few hours. He stressed that the Corozal dam is in good condition.

For his part, the Minister of the Interior and Justice, Remigio Ceballos, reiterated in his social networks this Tuesday that the overflow of the Palmarito River, which dragged sediment, stones and other elements, left homes isolated and at risk in the El Castaño sector.

He reported that there have been at least eight medical evacuations from the site and food and water are being taken to the affected area, while they are monitoring with drones to assess damage.

On the night of Monday, October 17, the Mayor of Maracay reported that some five people, reported missing, were rescued from the El Castaño area. He indicated that several families have been helped in the place by the authorities and regional officials.

In a press conference offered at the site, Morales said that the landslide of the Palmarito River left considerable material losses and expressed that the area of ​​the same name was greatly affected. Also in the Ojo de Agua sector, where six damaged houses were reported, and in Río Blanco, two.

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Through another video, on his social networks, the mayor is seen next to heavy machinery to clear the roads in places where the large amount of sediment dragged by the water wreaked havoc. He called for calm, tranquility and trust.

For her part, the governor of Aragua state, Karina Carpio, indicated that she was together with Mayor Morales and began the ascent to the Palmarito area in the early hours of this Tuesday, October 18, to inspect and organize the work in the affected places.

Journalist Carmen Elisa Pecorelli reported, for the Wave Circuit, that the work continued all night to rescue many people from their homes, because they were cut off by the large amount of stones and mud that did not allow them to leave their homes. He pointed out that many of the extractions are being done by air due to the difficult access to El Castaño.

He stated that during the night there was no electricity and that the special crews are trying to restore the service.

During the night of Monday, October 17, President Nicolás Maduro ordered the mobilization of a contingent of 300 soldiers to the El Castaño area to attend to the affected population.

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“We have to mobilize troops from Carabobo, let’s not neglect Las Tejerías, they are two battle fronts. There are already 300 soldiers here, we are going to go in strong with everything, to support because there are walled-off areas,” Maduro reported from the area where, according to official figuresat least three people died and some 50 houses were affected.

Ñuego, the head of the Strategic Operational Command of the National Armed Forces, G/J Domingo Hernández Lárez, indicated that 2,500 soldiers will be sent to the El Castaño area to attend to the affected inhabitants.

This Monday, October 17, the Corozal, El Castaño and Palmarito rivers overflowed after heavy rainfall that caused damage in the northern area of ​​Maracay. Through social networks, videos were shared in which the strong currents of water are seen and how they take trees, cars and whatever is in their path.

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