BNDES publishes public notice for the concession of two state parks in MG

BNDES publishes public notice for the concession of two state parks in MG

The Minas Gerais State Forestry Institute (IEF-MG) published today (18) the public notice for the concession of two state parks. One of them is Ibitipoca, located in the municipalities of Santa Rita do Ibitipoca and Lima Duarte. The other is from Itacolomi, in the historic cities of Ouro Preto and Mariana. The auction date was set for December 21, at B3, in São Paulo (SP).BNDES publishes public notice for the concession of two state parks in MG

Contracted by the IEF-MG, BNDES developed the project for the concession of conservation units and, together with the Modelagem Parques – Bloco 3 consortium, led by the company Houer Consultoria e Concessões, structured the process.

“The work involved commercial evaluation and demand study, socio-environmental diagnosis, architectural and engineering studies, legal study and modeling, as well as the economic-financial modeling of the business”, informed the BNDES.

The estimated investment in the project is around R$ 15 million over the next six years. According to BNDES, the parks have natural attractions such as waterfalls, lakes and mountains and historical ones such as museums and ruins, capable of attracting a large flow of visitors.

The bank also highlighted an interesting aspect of the project, which is the allocation of part of the concession’s revenues to social and environmental benefits, including the promotion of entrepreneurship, research, environmental monitoring and integration of the surrounding population.

According to the BNDES, environmental preservation, the improvement of the parks’ infrastructure, the promotion of sustainable tourism and the socioeconomic development of the surrounding communities are the pillars of the concession’s modeling.

“During the months of studies, technical meetings were held with municipal authorities, communities around the parks, control bodies, as well as representatives of civil society and the market. Public hearings and public consultation were also held.

For the institution, the concession project could be improved in the public listening phase with the search for benefits for society, without giving up environmental preservation and also reinforcing historical and cultural values ​​as a way of offering new leisure opportunities to the population.

“During the 75 days of public consultation and public hearings, 285 contributions were received for the project. All were answered and published in the site from IEF-MG”, he added.

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