They ask to review drinks to avoid alcohol with methanol

They ask to review drinks to avoid alcohol with methanol

The Ministry of Public Health, through the General Directorate of Medicines, Food and Health Products (Digemaps), asked the population to be extremely careful with the consumption of alcoholic drinksespecially during the holiday that is approaching by Holy Week.

Leandro Villanueva, director of Digemaps, requested to verify the seals, the stamps, the caps, the conditions of the bottles, to check that the labels are not detached and that the color of the drink is homogeneous and without particles, in order to guarantee quality. of the product.

“All this trying to prevent them from selling an adulterated drink without you knowing it,” Villanueva clarified.

The official recalled that intoxication in alcoholic drinks most common is with methanol.

“The methanol It is a very toxic liquid that requires very fast medical attention to avoid any type of permanent damage or even the loss of life, “he added.

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Symptoms of intoxication with methanol They include: extreme heat, burning sensation, severe headache, blurred vision, vomiting, and diarrhea.


Villanueva stressed that the country has an antidote, which must be applied immediately, since it only works if it is done within the first 24 hours of ingesting the drug. methanol.

“Let’s avoid consequences, take care of ourselves and have a good time on this holiday.” Holy Week”, was his final exhortation.

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