How to take advantage of your home insurance?

Less than 20% of homes are insured. The coverage is not only for earthquakes, fires or theft, but also for maintenance and even assistance for pets.

The insurance for a house or apartment it is an investment that can be profitable throughout the year; that is, during the entire validity of the policy. However, there is a mistaken belief that it can only be used when a misfortune occurs, such as theft, fire, earthquake or other natural disasters.

“This type of policies include coverage and assistance translated into benefits or services that can be used on a daily basis, earning the value initially invested while, at the same time, House It has protection if necessary. Even, due to ignorance, some insured assume expenses in daily domestic affairs or tasks that can be covered by their home insurance”, explained Daniela Molina, Business Director of Oriente Seguros.

Despite being in an area of ​​high seismic risk, such as the Pacific Ring of Fire, and the fact that the expenses of maintenance they take on average between 5% and 10% of the family incomeless than 20% of the houses and apartments in the country are insured.

In most cases, homes with sure they are not a decision of the owners, but an obligation imposed by the banks when the purchase is financed through a mortgage loan.

How can you take advantage of home insurance throughout the year?

There are some things that are not so obvious, but that can be paid for through the coverage of a sure of housing. Among those things are topics such as installing outlets and switches, changing light fixtures, home help, locksmith, appliance repair, student assistance, and pet assistance.

Here are some aspects or needs of the day-to-day life of the home that can be solved through the assistance included in a sure Home:

1. Assistance for pets.- Some insurance households also take pets into account, as they are increasingly considered as a member of the family. For example, if the household pet is not in good health, you can request telephone or other guidance from a veterinary professional.

2. Domestic damage.- Depending on the type of policythe insured can access several benefits related to technical repairs against damages that may occur in appliances, electrical systems, drinking water or pipes, among others.

There are also options that include the assistance of an electrical, locksmith, glass or plumbing specialist; In addition, assistance for the repair of household appliances such as: refrigerators, washing machine, stove, dryer, microwave.

3. Substitute domestic service.- In the event that the service personnel have a medical inconvenience, the insurer can also support the insured with a professional to replace him.

4. Legal advice.- The insurance They also usually provide advice on legal matters related to home issues, such as procedures with the IESS in case of hiring domestic service, problems with neighbors due to pets, among others.

5. Student assistance.- You can even count on some benefits for school tasks or errands related to the children who are in their educational establishments. For example, a messenger can be accessed to send materials forgotten by students. You can also get help with homework, queries, searches or related topics on the web. In addition, have technological assistance through a phone call to solve basic problems such as internet connection, installation of equipment or new hardware / software.

In this context, the most important thing is to fully inform yourself about all the coverage and assistance that you access when hiring a sure of home, and on all the options that there are in the Ecuadorian market. In countries like the United States, more than 80% of homes and businesses are insured, which substantially reduces additional expenses in the event of an emergency. (JS)

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