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They ask to resume school construction work in Los Jardines

Santo Domingo.-Residents of the Los Jardines del Norte sector, in the National District, demanded that the Government finish the Fray Ramón Pané school, whose work was paralyzed six months ago, as well as other educational centers that together would house 9,500 students.

Elías Acosta, president of the “La Llaguita” Neighborhood Council, said that the reconstruction work of the educational center began three years ago and was later paralyzed by the current administration.

“We ask the Minister of Education, Roberto Furcal, to receive a commission from the sector so that we can discuss the situation that the students of this town are going through,” said Acosta.

Residents of the sector assure that, apparently, “the authorities are not interested in the education of the people”

He added that there are other educational centers in the area, including the Los Ríos sector, that are not working, for which he demanded their termination.

“We need the Ministries of Education and Public Works to meet our demands, because the 4% destined for teaching is not being seen here in Los Jardines and Los Ríos,” said the community leader, prior to a surveillance that they carried out this night. Thursday.

The Fray Ramón Pané School is located on Buenaventura Freites Street in Los Jardines, where residents of the sector say that, apparently, “the authorities are not interested in the education of the people.”

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