They ask for the expulsion of Dionisio Amarilla

They ask for the expulsion of Dionisio Amarilla

Liberal women denounced, through a note, the violence suffered by Alba Talavera, vice president of the PLRA, at the convention on Sunday in the city of Caacupé. The victimizer would be Dionisio Amarilla, treasurer of the PLRA.

According to the complaint, Amarilla and others present; They arrogantly prevented Talavera from exercising his right to expression freely like any co-religionist. For this situation they ask for his dismissal

“We are going to reach all the corresponding instances. First we made the complaint before the Court to provide all the protection measures. In addition, we are going to request the expulsion of Amarilla because he cannot continue representing the Liberals, not one more minute,” said Marlene Orué, representative of the PLRA.

Regina Ríos, former candidate for mayor of Ñemby, affirmed for her part that her party is today an example for Paraguay, for the conquest of parity, so they must also be examples of respect for women.

“We consider that this aggression by Dionisio Amarilla is classified as political violence against women. We are going to leave a clear message to all politicians, not just the Liberal Party. But from Paraguay. We are going to go to the last consequences until they respect us, ”he said.

Ríos explains that violence does not only come from physical aggression, but also from an insult, undermining and censorship for differing in some thoughts.

He asked that these practices be discarded once and for all, and even more so in the PLRA where 50% of the candidates for elective positions will be women from the next elections.

During the assembly, Efraín Alegre, president of the party, cannot report on his balance in the face of boos. For this reason, a board of directors was established to explain the balance. The designated person was Alba Talavera, vice president as organizer of expenses.

“At that time people can debate. You can be against, they can ask for rejection and more. But this did not happen. With a beating drum, without counting the quorum, Dionisio Amarilla came up to talk about the balance, despite the fact that he was not the person authorized to do so, ”explained Orué.

Amarilla, although he is the current treasurer of the party’s board of directors, cannot talk about the finances of the past period.

“Dionisio overwhelmed Talavera and did not give him the use of the word. They censored him. They put him on speaker’s list number eight, which is unacceptable. The conventional three then gives the floor to Talavera to which Hugo Fleitas, governor of Cordillera, interrupts alleging that order must be respected, ”he detailed.
The attorney accuses Talavera of being pushed off the stage and she almost fell several meters. Immediately afterwards, Dionisio Amarilla comes down when Talavera can finally speak and begins to throw objects at him, supported by a mob of conventionals.

“They start booing and whistling at her so they don’t let her speak. Due to this situation Talavera, visibly affected, gets off the stage without being able to talk about the balance. This is precisely what the violent want is precisely to subdue you and to scare you so that you cannot speak, ”she detailed.

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