They ask for 7 years in prison for police who executed a suspect after persecution on Avenida Italia

Homicide Prosecutor’s Office 2either Turno asked that a police officer be sentenced to 7 years in prison for having executed a suspect with a shot to the head after a chase that ended on Avenida Italia and Centenario, according to the indictment to which he agreed. The Observer. The event occurred on April 10, 2021 and, in the opinion of the prosecution, there were two other agents who covered up the event, which is why he requested his sentence to four years in prison.

It all started when they received an Interpol order to identify and register a BMW vehicle. Around five in the afternoon, a patrol managed to identify him on Avenida Varela and Valladolid.

A policeman got out of the vehicle and fired his service weapon. Immediately afterwards he reported that the driver was armed. This caused the driver of the BMW to speed up and seek to escape, which led to a chase and several agents fired at different times, until they reached Avenida Italia at the height of Centenario.

At that point, the pursued vehicle slowed and stopped. One of the patrolmen parked parallel to the pursued car and another perpendicularly in front of it.

Thus, the now accused of murder stood in front of the driver’s window and shot the driver’s skull with his regulation weapon.

Another of the policemen, “taking advantage of the confusion of the moment and violating the golden rule, appropriated an object that was on the floor, showed it to (whom he shot) and kept it for himself.” The shell case never appeared.

“The means used (firearm), the objective of the body reached (the head), the distance between the perpetrator and the victim (scarce), the importance of the injuries caused (loss of brain mass and death a few hours later) ; the way in which the event developed, its cause, the statements made by the defendant, his previous conduct, the number of aggressors, the escape of the culprit, etc” makes the facts conform to the legal classification, according to the letter fiscal.

The request for conviction of the person who shot is for homicide and was computed to assess the sentence for the use of a firearm and abuse of authority. In addition, the sentence was requested for the other two agents for concealment.

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