Air dance adds interest to Venezuelan youth

“Everything that our youth does is truly admirable,” said the constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on Monday, Nicolas Maduro Moros, by presenting a group of girls practicing the art of aerial danceor acrobatic gymnastics, which uses special fabrics hung from ceilings or trees to perform figures and aerial dances of beauty and spectacularity.

during your program With Maduro +, In issue number seven, and after broadcasting an audiovisual material, the director of the Integral School of Dance in Telas, Oriana Flores, 28 years old, described “Aerial Dance” as acrobatics on cloth, a discipline that arises from a process of fusion and evolution of various other sports and artistic disciplines. It is a combination of ballet, theatre, acrobatics and circus arts.

The national president interacted with Diana Isturiz, 29 years old, aerialist and graduate in Biology, with five years of experience in the practice of this art; Fabiana Mujica 16 years old, aerialist; Susana Caceres 35 years old, mother of the girls Aihne Nieto14 years old, and andara grandson12 years old, both aerialists.

Diana Istúriz reported to the president that the school The Macaws of Caracasis a group that was founded in 2016. The participants are young girls who demonstrate agility, strength and talent with the cloth, made up of muslin, and can be carried in their arms to be placed at the dance site.

The school currently operates in the Penthouse of the Parque Central de Caracas residential complex, an art space where other art groups that do their work are also based. “Wonderful space and spectacular view,” said Istúriz.

“I wish you the best of success, really, excellent, we are going to give a round of applause to the girls, to this talented youth,” said the head of state, inviting the air dancers to take a photograph for the memory.

ConMaduro+ presents the youth of Air Dance (or acrobatics on cloth)
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