Arrestan supuesto brujo y su esposa estafaron mujer con más de un millón

They arrest alleged witch and his wife swindled woman with more than a million

Under the false promise of granting the winning numbers of the Lottery, a woman was scammed with the high sum of one million, 415 thousand 637 pesos by a supposed witch of Haitian nationality and his wife, who were arrested by police officers attached to the South Central Regional Subdirectorate of Investigation in the municipality of Baní, Peravia province.

The detainees through arrest warrant number 00805-2021, dated 06-04-2021, are María Esther Soto Cabrera, 45, who, in the company of her sentimental partner, the Haitian national Moisés Amadis or Junior (a) El Brujo, 36, also detained, would have deceived a citizen of the aforementioned demarcation for the amount of money already mentioned, which the complainant deposited with the commitment that the alleged sorcerer would give her the numbers that would make her the winner of the grand prize of the lottery.

According to a note sent to the press, the alleged sorcerer, at the time of his arrest, tried to flee by entering the residence of a citizen, where a struggle began between him and several women who live in the place.

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Likewise, María Esther Soto Cabrera, accused of receiving the bank deposits made by the victim, was arrested when she presented herself to the detachment to inquire about the status of Moisés, who had two complaints for the same act.

According to the police report, the individuals were arrested for violating article 405 of the Dominican Penal Code.

Both were made available to justice for the corresponding purposes.

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