Abdala: May 1 message will be for the defense of work and people's lives

Abdala: May 1 message will be for the defense of work and people’s lives

Marcelo Abdala, president of the PIT-CNT.
Marcelo Abdala, president of the PIT-CNT.

Abdala referred to the mobilization and act of next May 1, for the International Workers’ Day.

He advanced that the main defense will be that the real salary does not deteriorate taking into account the current levels of scarcity that imply a transfer of international prices to internal demand.

“The axis of the message will be that we have to think about what society we are building, because there is more inequality, more exclusion, in July the solidarity days will end and we want to know what is going to happen to these people,” he said.

Abdala added that the country is also going towards a social security reform “that we have to see how it is, if it is for or against the population.”

“May 1 will be in defense of work and people’s lives. That will be the center of concern”, assured the union leader.

He stated that the fact that people’s lives are being reflected upon is already positive. “We are not ruling out any measure, any tool, but the good thing is to focus on some area that can seriously address the issue of famine.”

As for the preparations for May 1, he said that meetings are being held with all the departmental plenaries of the PIT-CNT, of the union branches, promoting actions that will culminate in a “large massive demonstration throughout the country.”

police union

On the other hand, he referred to the police union. “I believe that the police union should remain in the central and I stated so in the PIT-CNT Congress.”

“It is good that in the union movement everyone coexists with the most diverse ways of thinking, as long as the resolutions that are legitimately adopted in the PIT-CNT are complied with,” he said.

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