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They approve in second debate draft law that would allow the re-election of the rector of Unachi

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The Education Commission approved in the first debate Bill 756, through which Law 4 of 2006 that reorganizes the Autonomous University of Chiriquí (Unachi) is modified and modifies articles of Law 12 of March 21, 2007.

The initiative seeks that the development of the plans, projects and initiatives established for the optimal functioning of said institution are not interrupted, and the payment of the seniority premium, old-age pension or voluntary resignation, entails a decent remuneration as established by other laws. nationals.

Deputy Raúl Pineda, proponent of the initiative, explained to the media that the law has been homologated as that of the University of Panama, where the rector has the right to one election period and two re-election periods.

He stressed that another factor is the stability given to the collaborator of the university, who stays permanently after two years and obtains labor rights.

Regarding the criticism of those who point out that he presented the bill to favor the current rector of Unachi, Etelvina Medianero de Bonagas, the deputy replied that if he had made a proposal for the benefit of the opposite side, they would say that it is a favor to the other part.

“The one who elects the rector is themselves and I don’t vote in those cases. Here there is no order of preference”, refuted Pineda.

The deputy stressed that the only times he has met with the rector is when she goes to the Assembly to request a budget to improve the university, buy land or standardize salaries.

While the bill was being discussed, protests were held outside the Assembly by those who were for and against the re-election of the rector of Unachi.

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