These are the short cuts for today Saturday, December 18, 2021

These are the short cuts for today Saturday, December 18, 2021

Castle in Sarratea – I

The cross of Mirtha

The subject of clandestine meetings of the president in a , has become a real drag on the prime minister , and it is that, where it goes, it is questioned about it. It happened again yesterday, during her participation in the IV Meeting of Mayors of the Bicentennial, where, how could it be otherwise, she was again questioned by the press about the fact.

(Photo: Twitter)

Castle in Sarratea – II

Distress signal

How much would be his discomfort that at a certain moment he made a gesture of resignation with his eyes. Or was it a signal for help? Because that’s when her security personnel appeared, surrounded her and took her away, leaving journalists with many unanswered questions.

These are the short cuts for today Saturday, December 18, 2021

Sigrid’s “principles” – I

Without shame

True to her “principles”, as she says she is, the congresswoman from Together for Peru He will not ask for a license – as advised by his colleague Alejandro Cavero – and will continue to bite the bullet and swallow his “shame” for belonging to the current Congress. “I’m not going to ask for a license to cross my arms, that those with straw tails do it,” he said.

(Photo: Congress archive)
(Photo: Congress archive)

Sigrid’s “principles” – II

A Ethical and non-stop

So as he will continue to function he will have to respond to the , since the benches of Fuerza Popular, Avanza País and Renovación Popular They have filed a complaint against him for violating the rules that oblige parliamentarians to have exemplary behavior and mutual respect, and observe rules of courtesy, something that Bazán, clearly, does not have.

  (Photo: Andina)
(Photo: Andina)

Dina’s message

Be still to Vladi

The vice president He took advantage of the fact that he was asked about the resignation of three congressmen to the Peru Libre bench to send his stand still to . “From the beginning there have been disagreements, a consolidated bench has never been felt. At some point this was going to happen, it cannot be handled from above, as if it were just a thought, to a whole group of people (…) Nor can they be allowed to be fingering the bench, it is a political error, we have to be a little smarter, “he said. Sparks, she was inspired. Now, wait for Vladi’s response.

  (Photo: Andina)
(Photo: Andina)


Mirtha Vásquez washed her hands
At a press conference, Cabinet Chief Mirtha Vásquez washed her hands when asked about the clandestine meetings that President Pedro Castillo had at the house in the Sarratea passage in Breña.

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