State of Nicaragua attributes the exclusion of the sugar quota with the US to a "political issue".

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On April 27, the relatives of María Isabel Hernández Vivas had reported her missing and it was not until yesterday Thursday that they found her, but dead and buried next to a drain in the La Flor community, in the municipality of Cárdenas, in Rivas.

The 64-year-old woman is the fourth woman to be reported murdered in Nicaragua in less than seven days, which has raised the alert for the sexist violence in which the nation is plunged.

The alleged suspect and detained by the Police responds to Jairo Guzmán. According to the account of the facts, the victim went to Guzmán’s house to charge him for the sale of two pigs, an amount that averages 10,000 córdobas, but the person indicated, according to the story, would have been upset because they charged him and decided to kill Hernández. This is the most recent case of violence against women in the country.

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For the sociologist and feminist María Teresa Blandón, this situation is worrying above all because criminals act with more viciousness because they know that impunity and inaction prevail from the State in the face of these events.

Another of the problems that Nicaragua faces, from the perspective of Martha Flores, from the Catholic Observatory for the Right to Decide, is that the country has a legal framework that is not complied with and on many occasions the victims are revictimized by the same authorities. The organization that Flores represents collects 37 femicides of Nicaraguans in the first four months of 2023.

Despite the circumstances, the organizations urge people to report to leave a record. They condemn the pardons granted by State institutions to citizens accused of assaulting women and stress the need for public policies aimed at guaranteeing the physical and emotional integrity of women.

They demand justice in the face of a new femicide against a rivense in the municipality of Cárdenas. Photo: Courtesy

The United States market continues to be the most important for Nicaraguan exports and imports, despite the “anti-imperialist” discourse sold by the Ortega-Murillos and even more so with the sanctions that the Government of that country has applied against institutions and officials of the dictatorship.

According to data published by the United States Embassy in Managua, on its official Twitter account, during 2022, “61% of Nicaragua’s exports were destined for the United States.”

The representation of the Biden administration details that during the past year Nicaragua’s bilateral trade with the US reported some 5.728 million dollars, which contributes to the creation of jobs and business opportunities in all sectors of the Nicaraguan economy.

According to the Central Bank of Nicaragua, the item most exported to the North American country is gold, which reported sales of more than 893.5 million dollars, well above other important sectors such as coffee, with 321.7 million, and meat, with 281 million. , which respectively occupy the second and third place in order of importance.

Nine Jinotega opponents were violently taken from their homes in the raid carried out by the Ortega regime on Wednesday night, which ended with 57 citizens detained throughout Nicaragua. The kidnapped were taken to police stations and later accused before a judge of the dictatorship.

The Civic Alliance confirmed that among the Jinotegans who were captured was Tamara Ruiz, who is a well-known member of the Youth Ministry of the Diocese of Jinotega; Alfredo Palacios, a well-known member of the Constitutionalist Liberal Party (PLC) and former political prisoner Humberto Hernández, among the most recognized figures of the City of Mists.

The Ortega police also raided the home of Freddy Zeledón, who was exiled along with 221 political prisoners to the United States, on February 9. As confirmed by a citizen, the uniformed officers came to kidnap Freydin Zeledón, son of Freddy Zeledón.

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The representation of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) in Costa Rica, headed by the Minister of Finance of that country, Nogui Acosta, refused to receive a letter in which the Blue and White National Unit (Unab) denounces before the governors of the financial institution to its president Dante Mossi, as an “accomplice” of the dictator Daniel Ortega and suggest that he should not continue in charge of the regional bank.

According to Unab executives, the refusal could be attributed to “the commitments and close relationship between the government of Rodrigo Chaves and Dante Mossi, especially due to the financial support that Mossi has given to various countries, including Costa Rica, in order to to generate support for the Bank’s capitalization and consequently for his re-election”.

Another attributable reason would be that the Costa Rican administration has assumed an “omissive position and refuses to name things by their name with respect to Nicaragua in the different forums, be it CABEI, the OEA, or SICA, that is, it is a reflection of a non-existent foreign policy with respect to (the dictatorship of) Nicaragua.”

The released political prisoner Félix Maradiaga will be awarded the 2023 Courage Award for his “life trajectory and his intrepid position in favor of democracy against the brutal dictatorship of Daniel Ortega.” The announcement was made official by the Geneva Summit, which is made up of 25 human rights organizations.

Maradiaga, who was subjected to 611 days in prison and total confinement, will receive recognition on May 17, 2023 “in a ceremony attended by UN ambassadors, human rights activists and journalists from around the world, at the 15th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy».

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