Carlos y Camila han sido coronados como los monarcas de Reino Unido

Carlos and Camila have been crowned as the monarchs of the United Kingdom

Mexico City, Mexico-. In a lavish ceremony In London, Carlos III and his wife Camila have been crowned this Saturday. It is the first event of its kind that has occurred in 70 years, as his mother and predecessor Queen Elizabeth reigned for seven decades.

Eight months after the Queen’s death, her eldest son is enshrined as head of the British monarchy.

After the ceremony, the new kings have gone out to the balcony of Buckingham Palace to greet the public. They have been accompanied by the princes of Wales, Guillermo and Enrique with their children and the brothers of King Eduardo and Ana, with their respective partners.

Famous people like Emma Thompson, Lionel Richie or Nick Cave also attended Westminster Abbey.

The ceremony was also marked by some protests from critics of the monarchy. Several activists were detained before the parade and the start of the coronation. Police detained “six of our organizers and confiscated hundreds of banners”said a spokesman for the group Republicwhose supporters booed the royal procession as it passed and displayed signs reading: “He is not my king.”

Carlos and his attempt to modernize the Crown

Carlos had already announced before the ceremony that under his mandate the Crown would show changes in the interest of modernizing and responding to some criticism.

As part of it, Buckingham Palace cut the guest list from his mother Elizabeth II’s 8,000 guest list to just over 2,000; she shortened the duration of the rite and invited other crowned heads.

Carlos also decided to replace the British nobility with representatives of civil society —from all professions and social conditions—; he chose newly composed choral music sung in the different languages ​​of the islands, and wore recycled historical garments so as not to spend on new costumes. He even decided that his consort, Camila, would not wear a crown, as is tradition.

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