These are the most important news of December 6, 2022

These are the most important news of December 6, 2022

In the midst of a campaign of virulent attacks against the glory of Nicaraguan baseball, Dennis Martínez, the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo ordered their steamroller of deputies to declare Puerto Rican baseball player Roberto Clemente a national hero.

The initiative was sent with “urgency procedure” by the dictator to the National Assembly. Murillo announced the declaration of Roberto Clemente as a national hero just a week after he ordered the removal of the name of Dennis Martínez from the facade of the Nicaraguan National Baseball Stadium.

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Renata Holmann, daughter of political prisoner and general manager of the newspaper La Prensa, Juan Lorenzo Holmann, denounced the “inhuman conditions” suffered by his father in the cells of the Nicaraguan dictatorship.

In a message released by the “Nicas Libres Ya” campaign, the young woman said that she has not been able to have any kind of communication with her father.

Donald Alvarenga, Harry Chávez, Francisco López González, Isaac Martínez, Alexis Peralta, Armando Robles, Muammar Vado, Evelyn Pinto and Nidia Barbosa, make up the group of opponents detained on the eve of the “pantomime” of elections, named after the United States and unknown by more than 40 countries of the international community. The list of political prisoners is completed by one more woman and four men, whose identities are kept anonymous for security reasons.

Pinto, Chávez and Barbosa are three elderly political prisoners who are sick and their relatives have denounced that they have not received the necessary medical care to treat their conditions and that prison conditions have worsened and they have developed new illnesses.

Government and steamroller of Ortega deputies have canceled more than three thousand NGOs since 2018.

The Nicaraguan regime’s attacks on organizations throughout 2022 have been “shocking” with a total of 3,171 attacks at the end of November, confirm several documents presented this Tuesday by human and civil rights organizations.

The Local Network, the Nicaraguan Platform of NGO Networks, Popol Na, Fundación del Río, the Human Rights Collective Nicaragua Nunca Más, among others, presented a set of reports on the “violations of freedom of association” committed by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo from 2018, the year of the social outbreak.

Of the total number of associations that were eliminated in the country, 3,106 were non-profit organizations that were arbitrarily left without legal status. The amount represents 42 percent of the NGOs that existed in the country.

Carlos Guadamuz, from the Nunca Más Nicaragua Human Rights Collective, reported that they documented the case of nine closed organizations: eight national and one international, which had been in existence for between 33 and seven years.

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Of the nine, seven suffered illegal raids; In addition, threats against members and directors were documented, therefore, at least two people were benefited from precautionary measures from international human rights organizations.

The international polling firm Latinobarómetro announced the decision not to measure Nicaragua in the latest public opinion study, due to the fear felt by the Chilean organization that the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo will kidnap its pollsters.

“We want to make a public statement announcing that in this last wave of Latinobarómetro that we will apply now, we will not be able to measure Nicaragua because the conditions are not given. We cannot risk our pollsters being arrested,” the polling firm said on Twitter.

This would be the first time in 28 years that Nicaragua is left out of this regional study that annually analyzes the issue of democracy in 18 Latin American countries, “due to the risk it implies for pollsters,” insisted Latinobarómetro.

The vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández, was sentenced this Tuesday to six years in prison in a trial for irregularities in the concession of road works during the Kirchner governments, from 2003 to 2015.

These are the most important news of December 6, 2022
Former president and current vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, in Tegucigalpa (Honduras). Photo: EFE / Article 66

When passing sentence in a trial that had begun in May 2019, the Federal Oral Court 2 also sentenced the former president to perpetual disqualification from holding public office.

The judges found Cristina Fernández guilty of the crime of fraudulent administration of public funds, but they acquitted her on the charges for alleged illicit association.

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