There will be verification to comply with the General Tobacco Law: Sedesa

There will be verification to comply with the General Tobacco Law: Sedesa

As announced through a statement, the Agepsa focuses on correcting sanitary irregularities instead of sanctioning immediately, so omissions to comply with the regulation can be divided into low, medium and high risk.

The statement -issued this Tuesday- points out that the visits begin this week and include service centers, shops, parks, gardens, swimming pools, stadiums and “everything that the new Regulation implies.”


The sanctions will depend on the degree to which the fault is located. For those who have low-risk omissions, a warning is issued and they report the reasons and health regulations that violate the regulation. Subsequently, another visit is made to find out if he modified his practices and already complies with the norm.

In the case of medium risks, a warning is applied and, if applicable, receipt of merchandise. A review visit is then scheduled to verify compliance with the observations.

The Agepsa explained that for those who represent a high risk, the establishment will be suspended.

Both organizations called on the public to report in case they witness malpractice. The contact is the telephone number 55 5038-1700 extension 5813, where it will be necessary to provide data for the location of the places and hours of sale; or, directly in establishments that could transgress the regulations regarding advertising, exhibition, commercialization, sale of tobacco or consumption of tobacco and other related products.

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