Russia will launch its new space station in 2027

Russia It plans to start putting its new space station into orbit in 2027, the director general of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov, declared today.

“The key element of the Russian space program will be the Russian Orbital Station (EOR), whose deployment we have planned for the year 2027,” he said during an act of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Regarding the Russian participation in the International Space Station (ISS), Borisov pointed out that it will last “as long as possible”.

“We must complete the work on the configuration of the EOR, present all the technical-economic bases before April 12, an important date for us,” he said, referring to the first space flight in history by Yuri Gagarin. .

Roscosmos previously announced that it would maintain its participation in the ISS at least until 2024 due to the technical state of this space platform and the deterioration of cooperation with other international space agencies due to the Russian military campaign in Ukraine.

According to the Russian state procurement portal, the amount of the EOR project amounts to 2.7 billion rubles (38.9 million dollars).

Russia will leave the International Space Station and build its own

It is expected that, after the first module of the new station is put into orbit, it will take a decade to complete the configuration of the new Russian orbital platform.

The last Soviet station, the MIR, came into operation in 1986, in the midst of Perestroika, and operated until 2000, after which it was uninhabited and sank the following year in the Pacific Ocean.

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