Agronomist promotes in Juigalpa consumption of meat and quail eggs

Agronomist promotes in Juigalpa consumption of meat and quail eggs

The breeding, reproduction and commercialization of quail is an excellent option to do business. The engineer Lino Castro Amador is looking for a way to make his way in this area in Juigalpa.

Castro Amador works to convince various restaurants to include bird meat in their food offer. He reminded the population that the consumption of his meat guarantees the person a food with proteins of high biological value, vitamin B6, iron and phosphorus.

The promoter is a retired agronomist and intends with his project to provide citizens with quail meat and eggs, as occurs in other countries that register high consumption. In the case of Juigalpa, he warns that the demand is very low and that is where he will work most vigorously.

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According to the engineer, raising quails is not a difficult task. He assures that he has an inventory of a little more than 600 birds in cages set up in his garage. He said that he consumes eggs from this type of bird at least every other day and that customers are already coming to look for them by the dozen.

Quail eggs have high medicinal levels, help regulate blood sugar levels and maintain a level of insulin that prevents and treats diabetes, the breeder explained. Photo: Article 66 / Courtesy

The professional adds that the quail egg has high medicinal levels, helps to regulate the level of sugar in the blood and maintain a level of insulin that allows preventing and treating diabetes. The iron in quail eggs prevents anemia, removes heavy metals and toxins from the blood, in the same way, combats blood pressure, heart and lung problems.

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In his eagerness to expand his market, the engineer has already taken on the task of visiting high-demand restaurants and diners. But he has found that some owners do not want to buy the quail meat and eggs, for fear that customers will not like it.

“I noticed that (restaurant) owners are afraid that customers will not order quail meat. But there is a restaurant owner who was interested in substituting the paslama egg for the quail egg and the conversations are on the right track, I hope to have a prompt response, “he said.

Engineer Lino Castro Amador, at the entrance to his quail farm, where he has an inventory of just over 600 birds. Photo: Article 66 / Courtesy

Castro Amador is selling approximately 50 quails per month and each one has a value of 200 córdobas. Meanwhile, every week he sells two to three dozen eggs, each one is bought for 50. He also assured that he makes the fertilizer that is used for the production of fruits and flowers from the bird feces.

“At the moment my clients are individuals, because they have read about the nutritional properties of quail and they feed sick relatives with the eggs and there are other people who come out of curiosity to see if they are actually curative,” he said.

Castro Amador’s vision is to maintain a production of about 600 quails and dedicate himself to selling breeding stock of high genetic quality. If demand increases during 2023, it will expand its inventory to around eight thousand copies.

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