There will be a two-hour strike this Wednesday on Subway Line E and the Premetro

There will be a two-hour strike this Wednesday on Subway Line E and the Premetro

The subway and Premetro workers demand the implementation of security measures (Photo: Osvaldo Fantón).

The workers of the Buenos Aires subway and Premetro will paralyze their tasks again this Wednesday, for the third consecutive day, between 5:30 and 7:30, as “self-defense measure” and due to “Emova’s lack of response to the claim for the implementation of operational security measures for the service.”

This was reported by the Union Association of Subway and Premetro Workers (Agtsyp), led by Roberto Pianelli.

As announced in a statement, Emova The agreement signed in September 2021, in which it undertook to automate the Premetro track changes within 180 days, is still not fulfilled..

For its part, the company stated in a statement that “this operating system is in the process of modernization and work has already begun to automate the operation of signals and track changes”.

And they added that the work was affected in “its normal development by restrictions caused by the pandemic and by difficulties in acquiring imported equipment”, while they assured that the work will end “in the coming months”.

The Agtsyp of the metro delegates also reported that the company in charge of the subway concession in the City of Buenos Aires “insists on ignoring our claim, demanding that these tasks be carried out by male and female drivers, even though they are not in the job description of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement and without considering the risk that this implies“.

While Emova stated that the task “has been part of its usual functions since 1995” and is “provided for in the Premetro Operating Regulations.”

From the union they called the company “to reflect” again, they demanded answers and apologized “to those who may be affected by these measures, which are in defense of labor rights and the safety of workers and users.”

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