#TheCharacter |  Pedro Zenteno: the executioner of the ISSSTE and protégé of the president

#TheCharacter | Pedro Zenteno: the executioner of the ISSSTE and protégé of the president

He boasts of being the first Mayor of the Mexican opposition in 1994 by the PRD in the municipality of Teoloyucan.

He was Undersecretary of Organization of the CEN of the PRD from 1997 to 1998, then he participated as Secretary of Municipal Affairs and Government until 2000, when he was Delegate of the CEN for the election of Head of Government by the hand of… yes, obviously, López Obrador .

And when he was Head of Government, he was Director General of Administration at the Head of Government, quihúboles! Are you already understanding where so much love?

Until 2018 he was a Federal Deputy for Morena, but almost immediately he requested a license to go as Director of Administration of the IMSS together with Germán Martínez, then General Director, with whom the first problems arose, when Zenteno tried to manage all the financial resources of the Insurance Social and put all his vast, but limited in knowledge, work team. This caused the immediate resignation of Germán Martínez, who did not have the backing of the president, who leaned towards Zenteno. Remember, 10% knowledge, 90% loyalty.

He calls himself “Commander Z” and claims to be the political father of Mario Delgado, current president of Morena (let’s not forget that the current Secretary of the ISSSTE Surveillance Commission is Delgado’s sister, who was imposed by Zenteno and earns almost 100,000 monthly pesos) and the current Governor of Michoacán, Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla (when he was a local deputy in his state, he received support as Zenteno director of administration so that Ramírez Bedolla put his people to work in the Morelia Regional Hospital, in the positions of Deputy Director of Administration, Coordinator of Human Resources and Coordinator of Material Resources).

With the departure of Germán Martínez from IMSS, the president exchanged Administration and Finance Directors of ISSSTE and IMSS.

Already in the ISSSTE, Zenteno began an intense fight with the then General Director Luis Antonio Ramírez Pineda (son of the former Governor of Oaxaca, Heladio Ramírez) for the financial power of the ISSSTE. Since everything related to inputs and purchases of all kinds in the ISSSTE was done only by Zenteno.

Ramírez Pineda and Zenteno never got along well, but the latter did have a way of taking all his henchmen to the ISSSTE. Characters without knowledge, but loyal as YSQ taught him. Take note of Javier Huerta, current Federal Deputy for Morena and another son-in-law of Zenteno who accompanied him at ISSSTE, as Deputy Director of Personnel; also Verónica Curiel as Head of Benefits and now Regulatory Director of Legal Procedures (without having the profile).

Said officials, Zenteno, Huerta and Curiel, are the main culprits that the ISSSTE workers have not been given uniforms for four years; just as you are reading… 95% of the almost 110,000 workers have to buy their uniforms… that had never happened at ISSSTE.

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