Father Edwing Román reacts to Ortega's insults against the Church: "Deliver me from representing it, Lord!"

Father Edwing Román reacts to Ortega’s insults against the Church: “Deliver me from representing it, Lord!”

The Father Edward Roman questioned the dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, who during his speech —on September 28— for the 43rd anniversary of the Police, stated that he did not feel represented by the Catholic Church.

In his monologue of more than an hour, the president railed against priests, expressing that “I am a Catholic and as a Christian, as a Catholic I do not feel represented.”

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The religious noted that “the dictator of Nicaragua does not feel represented by the Church,” but has persecuted, threatened, expelled and kidnapped Catholic priests who question his regime.

He stressed that Ortega is “the same person who expelled Monsignor —Pablo—Vega, sent Monsignor —Silvio— Báez into exile and threatened with death, kidnaps Monsignor —Rolando— Álvarez, imprisons, exiles, banishes priests and expels nuns” .

In reference to Ortega’s statements, the former parish priest of the San Miguel Arcángel church in Masaya emphasized: “Deliver me from representing him, Lord!”

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Ortega’s recent statements have been one of the most virulent of this 2022, attacking the Catholic Church, classifying it as “a perfect dictatorship.”

“An institution like the Catholic Church using its bishops to stage a coup, since when do they have the morals to talk about democracy? Who chooses the bishops, the pope? If you are going to be democratic, begin to elect the priests of each community with the vote of the population, otherwise they are all taxes, it is a tyranny, a perfect dictatorship », he stressed.

Father Edwing Román faced insults from Ortega: “Free me from representing him, Lord!” Photo: Article 66 / Government

He also attacked the United States and the Undersecretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Brian A. Nichols, whom he insulted with racist terms; he also attacked the European Union, the Chilean government and Nicaraguan opposition leaders, kidnapped since 2021.

A little over a month before the municipal elections in November, Ortega continues with his hate speech against the international community, the Catholic Church and the opposition in Nicaragua, and shows no sign of wanting to solve the crisis in the country.

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