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La Güinera and the Electric Distribution, again on the streets for three days of blackout

MIAMI, United States. – This Thursday night there were protests in the Reparto Eléctrico and The Güinerain the capital’s municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, where women and children took to the streets to demand the restoration of electricity, according to a collaborator from CubaNet from the protest area.

The demonstrators loudly denounced that their food had spoiled after more than three days without electricity.

Shouts were also heard against the Cuban ruler, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and slogans of “the united people will never be defeated” and “Homeland and Life”.

After the riots, the internet connection was lost and the presence of police patrols multiplied, against which cries of protest were also launched.

Despite the partial restoration of the service, pot-banging and shouting continued until well into the morning in the Reparto Eléctrico and La Güinera area.

On this Thursday afternoon, another group of Cubans met in Calzada del Cerro, between San Pablo and Auditor, Havana, to protest and demand the restoration of electricity, after several days without service due to the damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

To the cries of “We want the light!” Dozens of Havanans expressed their disagreement with the massive blackout that has the entire island in the dark since last Monday.

Another protest took place near the capital’s hospital known as La Covadonga, in which Cubans were protesting the lack of electricity for four days. Neighbors in the area are complaining, they told CubaNetwho have lost food that has cost them a lot to buy.

After more than 60 hours without electricity, residents of the Cerro popular council, in the municipality of the same name, in Havana, also staged a cacerolazo to the rhythm of slogans such as “Hey, let them put it on…!” on this Thursday night.

The first to sound the pans were residents of Agua Dulce street, between San Indalecio and San Benigno, the same area where on Tuesday, August 16, after the blackout that left all of Havana in the dark, shouts of “We want freedom” were heard. .

Numerous residents of the area joined the protest from the roofs of their buildings, fearing the arrival of the repressive forces.

At 10:05 at night, after the cacerolazo, the electrical service was restored.

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