The West is trying to divide and weaken Russia, says Putin

President Vladimir Putin assured today that the West does not need a strong and sovereign Russia, it wants to turn it into a weak and dependent country.

In the union for the analysis and implementation of social and economic support measures for the regions, the head of state said he was convinced that the containment policy towards the Eurasian nation is a long-term strategy of the United States and its allies.

“Western leaders themselves no longer hide that the sanctions are not directed against individuals or companies.” “Their goal is to deal a blow to the entire national economy, the social and humanitarian sphere, every family and every Russian citizen,” Putin said.

The president specified that Moscow’s military operation in Ukrainian territory is used as a pretext for the West to impose new sanctions, in this regard he recalled that the Crimean referendum was also a reason for Washington and its partners to attack the financial stability of the Eurasian nation .

At the same time, Putin assured that Russia, unlike the West, would respect the property rights of foreign entities.

“We appreciate the position of foreign companies that, despite unscrupulous pressure from the United States and its vassals, continue to operate in our country. They will surely have more opportunities for development in the future”, promised the dignitary.

In this sense, he explained that from the Kremlin they also know of those who cowardly betrayed their partners, forgot their responsibility to employees and customers in Russia, and rushed to earn illusory dividends by participating in the anti-Russian campaign.

On the other hand, Putin stressed that the country’s income is sufficient, thanks to which the Central Bank will not have to “print money.”

“In the current situation, there will be no problems with financing the federal budget. Our economy today generates a good and sufficient amount of income.

This means that it will not be necessary to resort to issuance. We have income, market income and they are healthy », he asserted.

Likewise, he stressed that the current problems are related to difficulties in the supply of components, equipment, construction materials and the organization of the contractors’ work.

In this regard, Putin said that in the face of new challenges, Russia needs to maintain and expand the long-term development program, as well as continue implementing all planned projects, both at the federal and regional levels.

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