Caja Profesional: group of affiliates asked for Parliament’s intervention

After the publication of the measures proposed by the new directive of the Retirement and Pension Fund for University Professionals (Cjppu) to lower the deficit of the organisma group of affiliates made a request to the Uruguayan Parliament to analyze them “in a rational and serious way”. In turn, they requested an external audit of 10 years back in the entity.

The The deficit of the Caja de Profesionales for the period 2021-2026 would be between US$ 166 million and US$ 262 million in a medium scenario, while in a pessimistic scenario, the estimated amount of the deficits would range from US$ 238 million to US$ $329 million.

To activate several of the measures promoted by the new Caja de Profesionales Directory to balance its numbers and avoid bankruptcy, a law must be passed in Parliament.

In a petition made through the website and that so far has some 3,592 signaturesthe professionals expressed their “disgust, discomfort and disagreement” with the measures proposed by the new Directive of the Cjppu. In this sense, they requested all Uruguayan parliamentarians” who address the issue as “urgent” and analyze the measures “in a rational and serious manner”.

We believe that these measures not only aggravate the discomfort of some professionals and their work, but also contribute to a disincentive for self-employment, since they make the costs of the service more expensive.”, says the document.

criticism of the measures

One of the proposed measures is liabilities can contribute to the cash. For the signatories, this measure is “incoherent” since a passive “in his active state he contributed for his retirement and peace of mind as in any retirement system, to cover the moment of greatest weakness due to old age”.

Another of the criticized measures is the adjustment of the basic pensions that would go from 16.5% to 18% since the signatories understand that the contributions that are currently made “are already high”. “This in turn, transitively, makes services more expensive and does not result in any benefit for the taxpayer, since on the one hand they are being asked to contribute more and on the other a tax is created that will reduce their retirement. We lose wherever you see”, adds the letter.

Regarding the measure of Mandatory annual contribution of those professionals who do not practice, equivalent to 10% of the ficto of category 1 ($ 4,279), the undersigned understand that it is a unfair measure. “The professional box must be solved with its own contributions and it is not fair that third parties who are complying with the obligations in their corresponding boxes, for which we will retire, should contribute any amount”, they argued.

As regards the possibility of increase the value of professional stampsin the letter it is stated that, for example, in the judicial sphere, this “it would make exercising the judiciary even more expensive” since “each document that is presented has an approximate cost of $3,000 and each document is a tribute, therefore, if they increase it, the result will be a higher cost of justice”.

According to the professionals who sent this letter, it is necessary that “other options be sought or that the fund be absorbed by the Social Security Bank (BPS)”. “We believe that first you have to tidy up the house and have a good start, giving clear signals it would be to review the salaries of the Cjppuwhere many times there is the paradox of higher salaries for recently graduated professionals and others who are constantly looking for clients, who are going to be affected by these proposals”, they express.

Caja Profesional: group of affiliates asked for Parliament's intervention

The annoyances add up

A group of more than 5,000 university professionals expect to show up in the coming weeks against the measures proposed by the new directive of the Cjppu to lower the deficit of the organism.

Several professionals created a facebook group called March to the Professional Box that you already have 5,199 members since its creation two weeks ago.

We grouped together to march and claim before the Caja Profesional for the measures to be implemented due to the lousy management and its ineffectiveness, we demand a reduction in salaries for managerial positions”, they write in the group information.

The professionals of the Facebook group They have already held meetings via Zoom and they are right now defining who will be the spokesperson for the group before the press, so they have not wanted to make any more statements.

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