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The website in Japanese that was created so that Uruguayan meat prevails in that market

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Based on the interest of Japanese importing companies in making the benefits of Uruguayan meats more and better known, both to users and to the final consumer, the National Meat Institute (INAC) developed an official Uruguayan meat site on the Internet for this market: uruguayanmeats.jp.

The site is in Japanese and has the objective of disseminating information on the Uruguayan production system and the meat chain, the characteristics and attributes of the meats, the points of differentiation and also general information on Uruguay and recipes and gastronomic information.

On the site that contains information exclusively in Japanese, the following video is broadcast, without voiceover, with images and music.

An attractive market

Japan is one of the most attractive markets in the international beef trade. In 2020, it imported this protein worth US $ 3.3 billion and 600 thousand tons, representing 9% of world imports, both in value and volume.

Between January and September 2021, it imported for US $ 2,720 million, showing another growth of 8.3% compared to those nine months of 2020.

A high value market

The high per capita income positions Japan as a demanding high-quality protein. In part, this is reflected in the structure of its import basket: 61% of the imported value corresponds to chilled meat, with a value for this category that exceeds US $ 8,100 per ton weight shipped.

Uruguay, the 6th supplier

Between January and September 2021, The United States was the main supplier of beef in Japan, followed by Australia, both accounting for 83% of the supply. They are followed by Canada, New Zealand and Mexico. Uruguay was ranked 6th supplier, participating with approximately 1% of the Japanese import market.

Beef plays an important role in the Japanese diet. Its use in both national and western-influenced recipes contributes to the fact that, on average, 10 kilos of this protein are consumed per person. This is a high figure considering other Asian countries and due to the fact that six out of every 10 kilos consumed are imported.

Uruguay exports more and more

This year refrigerated beef exports from Uruguay to Japan totaled 5,754 tons and US $ 41 million as of November 17, 2021, according to INAC data.

This means an increase of 104% in volume and 100% in value compared to the same period in 2020..

In 2021, 74% of the exported value corresponds to chilled boneless meat and the remaining 26% to frozen.

The Average Export Income (IMEx) was US $ 7,115 per ton.

In this way, Japan as a destination represented 2% of the value of Uruguay’s meat exports in 2021.

This new website joins the one already online for the United States market (uruguayanmeats.us) and the General of Carnes del Uruguay (uruguayanmeats.uy) that allows access to information in three languages: Spanish, English and Chinese.

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