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BCRD presents the Juan Pablo Duarte Library Economy award

Contest helps to promote research and economic analysis.

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD) held the award ceremony of the Annual Economics Contest “Juan Pablo Duarte Library” in its 2021 edition.
It is a contest that contributes to promoting research and analysis of the national economy, aimed at term students, professionals and researchers in the economic and social sciences residing in the country or abroad.

The governor of the BCRD, Héctor Valdez Albizu, highlighted that the incentive for economic research is an essential step in the creation of human resources of excellence for the nation. “The Central Bank has a high faith in the future, so it is aware of the importance of promoting the exercise of research for the benefit of the Dominican Republic among young students and professionals,” he said.

The winners of this edition were the following: the first prize, endowed with RD $ 400,000.00 and a recognition tray, corresponded to the work ‘Topology of the high value payment system of the Dominican Republic’, authored by Natanael Ventura Jiménez.

The second prize, endowed with RD $ 325,000.00 and a recognition tray, corresponded to the work entitled ‘Learning poverty and low school retention in the Dominican pre-university system under the context of COVID -19’, by the author Ana María Fernández González.

The third prize, endowed with RD $ 250,000 and a recognition tray, was awarded to the work entitled ‘Dynamic effects of fiscal policy in the Dominican economy’, by the author Yamir Antonio Encarnación Bello. On the other hand, the volume containing the winning works of last year was put into circulation, entitled ‘New Dominican Economic Literature. Juan Pablo Duarte Awards 2020, as well as ‘Dominican Economic Bibliography 2019-2020’.

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