The versions about the money for which Piedad Córdoba was arrested

The versions about the money for which Piedad Córdoba was arrested

On Thursday, May 26, the Honduran authorities began the investigation of the provenance of $68,000 in cash that were seized from Colombian senator Piedad Córdoba.

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On Wednesday, the official was detained in that country for not declaring the money before boarding a flight to leave the country. Local newspapers announced that the senator was questioned Thursday by Honduran prosecutors.

Honduran officials said Córdoba gave three different versions of the origin of the dollars, according to local outlet El Heraldo.

According to the local newspaper, in the first version it claimed that the money was from a businessman Colombian who lived in Tegucigalpa. The second, that she did not know that she was carrying the money when she was arrested. And the third, which was the payment for a consultancy that she had done.

Regarding the senator’s case, the Honduran Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out relevant checks And they haven’t made any decisions. Announcements are expected in the next few hours.

By the way, the prosecutor’s spokesman, Yuri Mora, told the AFP agency that according to the reforms to the money laundering law, if someone transports a sum greater than that amount and does not declare it, “the money is seized until they can justify”.

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Meanwhile, the person in question can continue with his trip and has those 30 days to justify the lawful origin of the money”, he stressed.


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