Mayor inaugurates Paseo de las Estrellas;  The Blue Angels the first to have theirs

Mayor inaugurates Paseo de las Estrellas; The Blue Angels the first to have theirs

Mayor Jhonny Fernández seeks to promote the ‘adoption’ of green areas through public-private partnerships for the beautification of the city. The Bolivian company Business Group is one of the first to accept these proposals, taking over the green area of ​​the third ring road on La Salle Avenue and this Saturday the Paseo de las Estrellas was inaugurated there, where the musical group Los Angeles Azules became the first to have theirs.

“These strategic alliances are important to us, because we are beautifying the city together. We are going to make all the avenues and roundabouts beautiful at night and during the day with great lighting. In this third ring we are going to put a boulevard with businesses for the recreation of our people. Santa Cruz has to be well seen by the world, because we are the heart of South America”, said the mayor.

Fernández made a distinction on behalf of the Autonomous Municipal Government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra to the Los Ángeles Azules group that represents the sound of cumbia made in Mexico. The authority thanked the visit of the artists, who will offer an artistic show to the population of Santa Cruz through Business Groupin charge of bringing artists to the country.

On the other hand, he invited the business sector to join the public-private alliances for the adoption of green areas and detailed the importance of the Law of Public-Private Alliances (APP) and the benefits for the institutions that will work together with the municipality of Santa Cruz. to continue with the growth and development of our city.

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