The urban genre, an economic 'engine' for Medellín

The urban genre, an economic ‘engine’ for Medellín

Medellin It has not only become a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, which houses 221 startups according to the latest ColombiaTech report, but it has also established itself as a benchmark in the urban music industry in Latin America.

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And for the sample, is that artists like Maluma, J Balvin and Karol G are great exponents of talent and the factory of artists that today dot the entertainment sector in the capital of Antioquia.

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According to Álvaro Narváez Díaz, Secretary of Citizen Culture of Medellín, the current radiography of the industry is not only made up of singers and producers, but of an entire ecosystem that includes event and concert directors; audiovisual producers, promoters of artists, press officers, marketing people, staff, among others.

“Although there is no exact measurement in the city of how much the urban music sector may be thinking about our GDP, we are clear that by moving an entire ecosystem that integrates concerts, events, producers, audiovisual directors, among others, this sector it could be representing 3% or 3.5% of the GDP, that’s what we calculated,” said Narváez.

Also, the official stressed that with the reactivation that the concerts have had and cultural events, after the ravages of the pandemic, between the last quarter of 2021 and In the first quarter of 2022, resources for $5,000 million have been received. In addition to the rebound that tourism has had in the city.

“We have seen in a very positive way how the concert and show sector in the city has been reactivated. It should be noted that the events that artists such as Maluma and Karol G have recently held have increased hotel occupancy, which means a boost for tourism. We hope that the same rhythm will continue in the second semester”, added Narváez.


But not only the singers are the ones who are contributing positively to the city, through their concerts, since the growing wave of music and video producers has led to more companies in this sector consolidating in Medellin.

For Juanito Cardona, musical product and artist, the urban genre has led to the formalization of “many areas” and local companies to be projected on the international scene.

“This has been a chain of positive things. The panorama that we currently have in Medellin is very positive because the urban genre brought to this city the professionalization and formalization of many areas. Today we find producers and directors well advised legally with the guidelines that exist in this industry”, commented Cardona.

Regarding the generation of jobs, Juanito pointed out that by having a growing and better prepared industry, It promoted both direct and indirect jobs.

In an interview with Portafolio, the CEO of the music video production company 36 Grados, Harold Jiménez, highlighted that urban music has been strengthening the audiovisual industry.


In order for more local artists to continue to grow in Medellin, different initiatives have been promoted from the public sector, such as the Network of Artistic and Cultural Practices – Network of Music Schools of Medellin.

According to the City Hall, for the period from February to June 2022, it is planned to invest $3.7 billion in the network of music schools. Likewise, during 2020 and 2021, through the Calls for Promotion and Incentives for Art and Culture program, the mayor’s office delivered $4,598 million, “benefiting 598 musical productions in Medellín and its metropolitan area.”


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