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The United States withdraws visas from Ecuadorian judges

In a statement, the representation speaks of “fighting against corruption” and against “organized crime”; before he withdrew the document from police generals.

On the afternoon of this Monday, January 10, 2022, the Embassy of U.S He reported that “has revoked the non-immigrant visas of several Ecuadorian judges and other individuals who work in the legal and judicial sectors “. In a statement, the North American delegation indicates that the individuals from whom it withdrew the document “they no longer qualify for these visas ”.

The government of U.S, through its Embassy, ​​indicated that it “takes seriously the issue of corruption and will continue to carefully review the visas already granted and new requests for visas “. The document indicates that the State Department of that country has “broad authority to deny and revoke visas“When it has” information that indicates that the owner of a visa may be inadmissible in U.S, and we will continue to use this authority to advance anti-corruption efforts and combat organized crime. “

The statement emphasizes the fight against corruption. “The corruption it threatens the stability of countries and the security of their citizens. It prevents economic growth, undermines human rights and destroys trust in institutions ”.

One of the lawyers whose document was withdrawn is Jorge Acosta, former president of the defunct Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and lawyer for the former mayor of Quito, Jorge Yunda. The same jurist published the cancellation of his visa on his Twitter account.

The withdrawal of visas to officials and professionals who have to do with the country’s legal system comes a month after the application of the same measure against five generals of the Police. Among the officers from whom the document was taken is Víctor Arauz, who was reinstated in the institution after a court ruling.

The ambassador of U.S, Michael Fitzpatrick, had indicated in an interview in December that there was a presence of “narcogenerales” in the country. (DPV)


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