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The United Kingdom will recognize vaccination certificates from Argentina

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The United Kingdom will recognize vaccination certificates from Argentina

Those inoculated with UK recognized immunizers will avoid quarantine. Photo: Archive

The United Kingdom reported this Thursday that as of next Monday, people who have received in Argentina the complete immunization scheme against the coronavirus with the vaccines recognized by their government, will be able to enter its territory without obligation to quarantine.

“As of Monday, November 1 at 4 GMT (1 in Argentina), people who have been vaccinated in Argentina with the complete scheme of any of the vaccines recognized by the British government – and comply with the rest of the requirements- they will be able to enter the United Kingdom without the need to quarantine “says a statement released this afternoon by the British embassy in Buenos Aires.

The text adds that “currently, the recognized vaccines are Oxford / AstraZeneca (including its various presentations, such as Covishield), Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna and Janssen.”

In that way, Those who travel to the United Kingdom and have completed their vaccination schedule in Argentina with any of these drugs and at least 14 days before their arrival, may enter under certain conditions, but not the quarantine.

The requirements that remain in force are those of “Book and pay for a Covid-19 test to be taken within two days from arrival” and “complete a passenger location form, which must be filled out within 48 hours prior to arrival”, specify the note.

The same requirements, “without the need for quarantine,” also apply to people under 18 residing in Argentina “although they are not vaccinated,” the text noted.

Instead, for those who “do not have a vaccination certificate or have been vaccinated with vaccines that have not yet been approved by the UK”, more stringent obligations remain in force.

Those passengers must be a Covid-19 test in the three days prior to the trip, book and pay PCR tests to be taken between two and eight days after arrival, complete the location form 48 hours before the trip and keep quarantine for 10 days in the place where you are going to stay, detailed the statement.

These measures are contained in a resolution of the Department of Transportation that added 30 countries -among them, Argentina- to its list of recognition of vaccination certificates and resolved to eliminate the “red list” of countries of origin of tourists, from which Argentina had been removed on the 11th of this month.

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