The ‘top’ striker who would arrive at Falcao García’s Rayo Vallecano

Radamel Falcao Garcia continues to give what to talk about in the transfer market, because the Colombian was offered to Toluca from Mexico and in addition to this picture, there would be several interested in getting their services.

However, at the moment the Rayo Vallecano board has not confirmed that its intention is to get rid of the samariumand on the contrary, their bond was extended.

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Still this Tuesday a rumor arose in the ‘old continent’ that in principle could have two interpretations; one, related to the fact that the ‘red-and-red’ team intends to have a ‘scary’ duo in attack, and the other, directed that there would be a replacement for the ‘Tiger’.

Which striker does Rayo Vallecano want?

Well, it has been reported that the Uruguayan Edison Cavani is the wish of the people of Madrid for the 2022-23 seasonsince he will not continue at Manchester United and his intention is to arrive at the Qatar 2022 World Cup with rhythm.

And despite the fact that the athlete has been related on multiple occasions with Boca Juniorsthe board of directors of the Buenos Aires team would have in mind to reinforce themselves with players from the local level.

A) Yes, The option of Rayo Vallecano would be very good for the 35-year-old striker, who would play in the Spanish League for the first timetaking into account that he has only performed in Italy, France and England, in addition to his native Uruguay.

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For now, and according to what was reported by Marca, it would be a matter of days for the negotiations to take a definitive course between the Spanish team and Edison Cavani; Later there will be space to confirm if he would form a pair with Falcao or be his replacement.

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