Caixa starts paying the February installment of Auxílio Brasil

Government pays Brazil Aid to beneficiaries with final NIS 9

Caixa Econômica Federal pays today (29) the June installment of Auxílio Brasil to beneficiaries with a Social Registration Number (NIS) ending in 9. The minimum benefit amount is R$ 400. The dates follow the Bolsa Família model, which paid on the last ten working days of the month.Government pays Brazil Aid to beneficiaries with final NIS 9

The beneficiary can consult information about the payment dates, the benefit amount and the composition of the installments in two applications: Auxílio Brasil, developed for the social program, and Caixa Tem, used to monitor the bank’s digital savings accounts.

Currently, 17.5 million families are served by the program. At the beginning of the year, 3 million were included in Auxílio Brasil.

See the calendar:

NIS jun July Aug set out nov ten
1 6/17 7/18 08/18 9/19 10/18 11/17 12/12
2 06/20 7/19 8/19 9/20 10/19 11/18 12/13
3 6/21 7/20 22/08 9/21 10/20 11/21 12/14
4 6/22 7/21 8/23 9/22 10/21 11/22 12/15
5 6/23 7/22 8/24 9/23 10/24 11/23 12/16
6 24/06 7/25 8/25 9/26 10/25 11/24 12/19
7 27/06 7/26 8/26 9/27 10/26 11/25 12/20
8 6/28 7/27 8/29 9/28 10/27 11/28 12/21
9 06/29 7/28 8/30 9/29 10/28 11/29 12/22
0 06/30 7/29 8/31 9/30 10/31 11/30 12/23

Gas Allowance

The Auxílio Gás is also paid today to families enrolled in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico), with final NIS 9. With a value of R$ 53 in June, the benefit follows the regular payment schedule of Auxílio Brasil.

With an expected duration of five years, the program will benefit 5.5 million families by the end of 2026, with the payment of 50% of the average price of a 13-kilogram cylinder, as calculated by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) in recent years. six months.

Paid every two months, Auxílio Gás has a budget of R$ 1.9 billion for this year. Only those who are included in CadÚnico and have at least one family member who receive the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC) can be part of the program.

The law that created the program defined that the woman responsible for the family will have preference, as well as women victims of domestic violence.

Basic benefits

Auxílio Brasil has three basic benefits and six supplementary benefits, which can be added if the beneficiary gets a job or has a child who excels in sports competitions or in scientific and academic competitions.

Families with income per capita up to R$ 100, considered in extreme poverty, and up to R$ 200, in poverty.

THE Brazil Agency prepared a Q&A guide on the Aid Brazil. Among the doubts that the beneficiary can ask are the criteria for integrating the social program and the details of the nine different types of benefits.

* Auxílio Brasil is coordinated by the Ministry of Citizenship, responsible for managing the benefits of the program and sending the funds to pay Caixa.

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