La Tinka this Wednesday, March 2: Check here how to participate

The Tinka of this Sunday, March 6: six lucky winners won 50 thousand soles from YES OR YES (VIDEO)

This Sunday, March 6, the long-awaited draw for where a lucky person could win the millionaire jackpot of 3,007,971 soles. gives you all the information about the lottery in addition to the step by step that you must follow to collect the prizes and the transmission schedule of the draw.

the lottery raffle a jackpot of S/ 3,007,971. Check here the results and the winners of this Sunday March 6, 2022.

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La Tinka: Until what time can you play?

La Tinka allows you to participate until 8:50 pm every Wednesday and Sunday.

La Tinka results for March 6, 2022

The winning play of the date was confirmed as follows: 12, 44, 3, 41, 14 and 22.

Boliyapa: the move is number 21.

  • There is no millionaire jackpot winner

Winners of La Tinka on March 6

  • 5 hits + boliyapa (0 winners)

DRAW YES OR YES of 50 thousand soles

  • Winning plays: 5, 28
  • Winners: 6


La Tinka: how much does each winner get?

Know in this table how much each winner takes, according to the number of hits he had in the Tinka.

The Tinka of this Sunday, March 6: six lucky winners won 50 thousand soles from YES OR YES (VIDEO)

How to collect the La Tinka prize?

If you are one of the winners of The Tinkayou can charge it directly to your account, using your Visa Debit card, with the following steps:

  1. Go to the tab collect my rewards on My accountfrom the menu.
  2. Check your prizes and select the option Withdraw and view historylocated to the right of Accumulated Prizes.
  3. Select between Visa or Agora, according to your preference. Enter the amount to be withdrawn, attach the photo of your ID (not photocopy image) and select your card.
  4. Click Request Withdrawal and wait for confirmation. The amount to be charged is a minimum of S/30 and a maximum of S/3,000 per day.

How to know if you received the La Tinka prize?

To check the status of your application go to your Withdrawal History from the main page of “Cash prizes”, by clicking on the button “Withdrawals”

  • Received – Under evaluation → Application pending approval.
  • Collected → Application that has already been approved and will be deposited in your bank account. Depending on the time of your issuing bank, you will be able to see the payment in your account.
  • Denied → Request denied. Display the “See more” option to see the reason for the denial.

Keep in mind that for most banks, the payment is immediate if you use your debit card. For payments to credit cards, it can take up to 48 hours.

Where can I see La Tinka?

The draw of La Tinka It is broadcast on the América Televisión signal at 10:50 pm every Wednesday and Sunday. Likewise, everyone can review winning plays and the number of winners through the official Intralot page and its YouTube channel.

La Tinka: How to load balance with Safetypay?

To load balance with Safetypay and participate in the draw for The Tinka today, follow these steps:

  • Enter the amount you want to top up, it can be from S/40 to S/1,500.
  • If you have a promotional code, apply it.- Generate your SafetyPay code by clicking on the “continue” button- Copy the code and from the BBVA, BCP, Interbank, Scotiabank and authorized agent websites or Apps select: Service Payment > SafetyPay > SafetyPay Soles.
  • Enter the generated code and confirm your recharge. You can also load cash balance through the agents and agencies authorized by SafetyPay, indicating the generated code.

La Tinka: How to charge balance?

If you already have an account, log in with your username and password; If you don’t have one yet, Register here so you can load balance to your account, following these steps:

  1. Once logged in, click on the “Load balance” button, located in the menu bar or in the My Account section.
  2. Choose the payment method you prefer to load balance online or in cash, and follow the instructions.

La Tinka: how to create an account

You can create an account at or in

  1. Click the Sign Up button at the top of the page.
  2. Fill in your true information in the form and click the Register button. Remember that you must be of legal age, read and accept the terms and conditions to play with us.
  3. Now activate your account. You will receive a code to the cell phone you registered. Type it into the page and click the Activate button.

If you did not receive the code or want to update your cell phone number, click the Resend SMS code button and follow the steps that will be indicated.

How to load balance with BCP?

To load balance with a card of the Credit Bank of Peru and participate in the Tinka draw:

  • Enter the amount you want to load, from 30 soles to S/10,000. If you have a promotional code apply it.
  • Generate your BCP code, by clicking on the button Continue and copy it.
  • Enter the BCP page or your BCP App and select: Payment for services > Purchases > La Tinka > Web Recharge.
  • Enter the BCP code generated in your La Tinka account and confirm your recharge.

Remember that you can load cash balance through a BCP agent. To do this, request your web recharge indicating the BCP code generated in your La Tinka account.

Which balls come out the most in La Tinka?

The draw of The Tinka It is made with balls numbered from 1 to 45 and in each edition six of them are chosen at random, along with a last one called ‘boliyapa’. According to game statistics, the 13th ball was the most recurrent in the history of the millionaire jackpot.

Number 13 was elected 343 times. Cards 12 (331 times) and 14 (330 times) continue. If we see the statistics only for 2021, we notice that ball 42 was the most drawn with 20 times. It is followed by tile 39 (18 times) and figure 14 (17 times).



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