The Teresa de los Andes home for the disabled closes due to debt that exceeds one million dollars

The Teresa de los Andes home for the disabled closes due to debt that exceeds one million dollars

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“The love for children is not over, but the money,” said yesterday the director of Hogar Teresa de los Andes, Fausto Alejandro Salamanca, who announced that the closure of the institution is imminent due to the millionaire debt it has and the lack of funding sources to help children and the disabled.

Hogar Teresa de los Andes is located in the city of Cotoca, Santa Cruz, and has been providing services for 32 years. For its operation, it requires at least 35,000 dollars per month to buy medicines, pay staff and buy food, among other things.

“Our institution, for it to function normally, needs a monthly budget of 35,000 dollars, we were not even able to receive 10,000 dollars. A lot of effort, carrying out activities, raffles. Some NGOs helped us, but they have already withdrawn, ”said Salamanca in contact with Central Affairs.

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He indicated that the NGOs always contributed, but, in his opinion, the aid should come from the State.

“These boys came to the home referred by the authorities and $35,000 a month is a huge income. We have a current debt of almost a million dollars. The Teresa de los Andes home does not have material or economic goods, ”she lamented.

The home has 55 workers who care for 89 children, in addition, the range of care is between five years and 50 years. At present, procedures are being carried out so that minors can be transferred to other centers.

“It is insurmountable, because if someone comes to make a contribution, in about three months we could be in the same situation again,” Salamanca said.

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